Significance Defined

The Color Nine Group, LLC (CNG) is adding value to people across the globe by finding solutions for tomorrow's challenges today.

Personal Significance

Each individual regardless of their past or current circumstances have the opportunity to better their world. We customize personal growth plans that help individuals discover their strengths, gifts, and passions that will empower them to move beyond success to significance.        

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Organizational Significance

Every organization consists of teams comprised of individuals with unique and distinct needs. We customize coaching and training for each member of your team that empowers them to work within their strengths to achieve the goals of the team and the mission of the organization.

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Partnering for Significance

The circumstances our world is facing require organizations to form partnerships for the purpose of sharing knowledge and resources that allow partners to achieve their mission. We facilitate and coordinate these partnerships between governments, non-profits, and businesses to address the needs of society

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Our Commitment

We are committed to working closely with you to maximize your influence and significance in your world.

Our Purpose

Bringing clarity to vision, purpose to action, and significance to success.

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